July 23, 2017 @ 9:30 am – 1:00 pm
Sally’s place
242 Caroline Chisholm Dr
Winston Hills NSW 2153
Need to be a Permaculture Sydney West Member
0404 323 323


9:30am ‐ a general safety talk and orientation regarding the site.
9:45am ‐ division of tasks.
11:00am ‐ morning tea (approx 15 minutes)
1:00pm – light lunch (provided)

Front Yard

  1. General pruning and removing of some shrubs and trees. (Increase sunlight/power-line safety and performance of plants and provide firewood)
  2. Refurbish and mulch bed along the footpath. (Improve the performance of plants and amenity for passersby)

Back Yard

  • Build rack to store timber. (Sort and preserve the resource and reduce vermin)
  • Clear and tidy area near tool shed. (Create an accessible sunny spot for relaxation)
  • General pruning and removing of trees and vines. (Vastly improve sunlight for vegetable gardens, reduce damage to fences and annoyance to neighbours and provide firewood)

Wear:  Dress comfortably, according to weather requirements: closed shoes, hat, gloves and sunscreen. Wear eye protection if you are using power tools. Water bottles!
Bring:  Hand tools – shovels, picks, heavy duty pruners, rakes, hammers, wheelbarrow. Power tools – mulcher, saw, drill, CHAINSAWS A little something for a shared morning tea!
Bonus! * An extraordinary collection of succulents and members can have cuttings . * Lots of good wood for your fire!

Please RSVP

For insurance purposes, you need to be a member of Permaculture Sydney West (PSW). You can join PSW on the day.
Remember, if you have helped on at least three Permablitz’s or are actively involved in some other aspect of PSW you are eligible for a Permablitz at your place.
Help us improve the world, one garden at a time!