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Living Skills

Recycling Seed Packets

Natural Beauty Products with Glenda McMaster

Wonder Bag


Pruning with Annette and Karlene

Bread Making

Sausage Making

Home Brewing with Andrew Lloyd

Making Fruit Fly Bags – Simple Sewing with Vera Meyer

Making Natural Body Products with Glenda McMaster

Cheese Making with Erwin Winkler

Preserving with Danielle Wheeler

Spinning with Nevin Sweeney

Vegetarian Cooking with Ling Halbert

Making a Rocket Stove with Salman Rizvi

Raw Food with Joy Mozzi

Soap Making with Glenda McMaster

Bike Maintenance with Tom Halbert

Introduction to Sewing with Vera Meyer

Making Tomato Sauce with Genna Sperinck [/div]


Other Events

Jams, Syrups, Chutney & Pickles – Holroyd Council March 2013

Community Initiative Bonnyrigg March 2013

Big Backyard January 2013

Homestead Blitz