Another glorious sunny day for gardening. 20 members, 1 visitor from Permaculture North and 1 kid had fun in the sun. Our seedlings hadn’t grown much now we are well into cold winter weather and have just had the shortest day. We transplanted 9 varieties of plants that we had planted last month in seed flats, into single cell pots. These and quite a few others went back into the greenhouse to grow a little bigger. We planted 15 varieties of seeds appropriate for winter. (Last month was 26).

The vegetable seeds we planted were beetroot, cabbage, cauliflower, 3 types of lettuce, 2 types of mustard, radishes, snow peas and turnips. The herb seeds planted were garlic and onion chives, parsley and salad rocket. We all took home seedlings from last month to put into our gardens and pea seeds were given out.

Plump juicy seeds

Plump juicy seeds

We propagated Nasturtium cuttings and harvested seeds from Amaranth mangostanus, Bishop’s Crown chillies, Perilla aka Red Shiso, White Bush Scallop Squash, Beames Yellow Pear tomatoes and Grey Zucchini. The zucchini had been allowed to grow huge to let the seeds mature. You can see in the photo they are nice and plump.

The community kitchen garden was cleaned up, mint slips taken and the harvest of lemons was shared out with everyone. Our visitor from Permaculture North is from their seedsaver group and has come to learn to help their own group.

Seedsavers meets 9am-1pm on the 4th Saturday of each month at Bidjiwong Community Nursery, Baulkham Hills. All welcome, with free seedlings to take home each month. You are welcome to attend 1 meeting to see if this group suits you, if so you can become a single member for $25, or family member for $30 a year. Becoming a member is for the purpose of insurance cover and venue hire when you do any activities with us. Children from 8 years are welcome at seedsavers.

Happy Gardening!

Penny Janson