Solar Update

On June 16, IPART delivered its’ final benchmark report on solar feed in tariffs. The benchmark range has substantially increased since last year (5.5 to 7.2) to 11.9 to 15.0 cents per kilowatt hour due mainly to higher forecast wholesale electricity prices in 2017-18.

This sounds pretty good if you are still considering installing solar, but note that this is only a recommendation and not mandatory, so you will still need to check with your electricity provider if they will be taking the recommendation on board.

The downside may be that the Australian Energy market Commission (AEMC) are considering allowing solar owners to be charged for feeding their electricity back to the grid. When they tried to introduce a similar charge in 2013, more than 28,000 solar owners joined together to stop the proposal and it never eventuated.

With prices increasing many people are turning towards solar but it appears that at every turn there are barriers being put up to ensure that we stay on coal powered grid electricity.

There are action groups as Solar Citizens that is an independent community based organisation working to protect and grow solar in Australia and advocate for the rights of solar owners and those who wish to go solar.

We all need to take care of the planet together.

Blog Post courtesy Theresa Wong