26th August 2017

WHAT A BONZA MONTH!!! An incredible turn out and an incredible amount achieved!!

We were graced with an absolutely glorious sunny August day! It is not hard to see that spring is definitely around the corner. The count of willing hands this month totalled 27 adult members (including 1 new member – Welcome!) and 3 pairs of miniature hands (ie the kids). We also had 4 guests from Permaculture Sydney North. And how fortunate we were to have so many volunteers – it allowed us to plough through a WHOPPING 102 plant varieties (sown, transplanted, and propagated). Now please don’t ask me to list them all here – because I won’t – suffice to say that tomatoes were our crowning glory with 26 different tomato varieties sown! Phew! However if you would like to see the full list!

Plants for Oaklands School

Plants for Oatlands School

A selection of plants went off to their new home at Oatlands School where they will continue to bring inspiration to the next generation of budding gardeners.

Even when an intruder entered our midst and stole several young plants from Seed Savers as well as from Bidjiwong Nursery our enthusiasm was not stemmed. Rest assured, we will recognise her if she comes back a second time.

After our very busy morning it was time to slow down the pace with a cup of tea, cake, and great company, to start cleaning the seeds that had been harvested. We cleaned 10 varieties including: Purple Tiger Chilli; Pink Echinacea; Spanish Melon; Mammoth Melting Snowpea; Red Salad Leaf Amaranth; Big Jim Nu Mex Chilli; Gai Lan (aka Chinese Broccoli); Cape Gooseberry; Malaysian Birdseye Chilli; and Rat-Tail (or Pod) Radish.

We also received 11 varieties of seeds donated from members’ gardens to help build our seed bank.

17 varieties were handed to members for direct planting at home.

Seed Savers meets 9am-1pm on the 4th Saturday of each month at Bidjiwong Community Nursery, Baulkham Hills. All welcome, with free seedlings to take home each month. You are welcome to attend 1 meeting to see if this group suits you, if so you can become a single member for $25, or family member for $30 a year. Becoming a member is for the purpose of insurance cover and venue hire when you do any activities with us. Children from 8 years are welcome at Seed Savers.

Happy Gardening!

Jo Tonitto