Start: 7 PM    Welcome and introductions

  1. Month in Review: What happened last month?
    November Blitz, Living Skills; Seed Savers.                                                         (10 Minutes)
  2. Guest Speaker:
    Melissa Ballantyne of Sydney Native Bees will demonstrate her native bee box and will talk about siting the hive, hot weather management, general management, splitting the hive and general FAQs on native bees.                                                                (40 minutes)
  3. Library Segment:Chris will demonstrate the online booking procedure. From next month onwards, this segment will include a short book review. Members will be invited to present their favourite permy-related book too!                                                                (5 minutes)
  4. Plant of the Month: (time permitting) Tomatoes: Typical problems and troubleshooting tips
    (5 minutes)
  5. Announcements: from members as well as from the Exec Team.
  6. Connection Corner:Here’s your chance to ask an expert about your particular
    pesky garden problem.
    We will connect you with someone in the room who will discuss it with you.     (5 minutes)
  7. Free Time: Have a tea or coffee (gold coin donation) , share some supper,
    (we invite you to bring along a plate of food to share) and get to know someone new.
    (30 minutes)