Awesome Additions to PSW  Meeting Night

Our Executive Team members were thinking hard over the break. The aim was to include a few new elements into the monthly meeting.

Upon entering the foyer, we were introduced to A Streamlined Sign In Method.

Once the meeting began, our President, Vera Meyer enjoyed introducing  the new order….

A Relaxation and Meditation Pod

Vera said something to the effect of:

We spend time on caring for each other’s gardens, which is wonderful, lets come together to care for ourselves and each other. So stay tuned to and prepare to relax in harmonious company!

A Personal Living Skills Request Post

PSW, operated something in the order of 60 Living Skills Workshops throughout last year.

This year, during each meeting; everyone will be invited to enter personal request for a Living Skills Workshop.

A large poster will be hung to the right of the stage for this very purpose.

Come along to the next meeting to share your wildest to most practical dreams to suggest or facilitate your own topic for a Living Skills Workshop.

Fix My Problem Post

Collectively, we represent several hundred years of Permaculture experience.

Each meeting, Vera will invite attending PSW Members, to nominate an issue requiring assistance.

  • It is anticipated;  issues nominated, will be understood and or previously solved by one or more members in attendance possible in a variety of ways.
  • During each meeting, Vera will invite attending PSW Members to nominate an issue requiring assistance. This problem will be allocated a corner of the room, thereby allowing the solvers to meet and discuss the solution at the conclusion of the meeting.
Well, what happened? Much more than anticipated!
  • The instant the meeting concluded; a flurry of cross matching & a throng of joyful conversations erupted!
  • As Permies, we do love to share for the greater good!

I hope all problems were solved.

Please do call me so we can collate a file on problems shared for posterity 🙂

I know for one, I was approached  by 3 generous members whom I had never met, we quickly introduced and had phones out to save numbers.

Plus, interested on lookers, gained a speed lesson on Milk & Water Kefir!

Thus our new Problem Solving Post grew into a multi level Enhanced Super Supper time!

The person who came up with that deserves the UBER WOW!  award 🙂


NB: DIARY Entry:  Gardening Australia 30th Year Celebration this Friday 15th Feb 2019

Cheers Permies

Jo Williams

Mob: 0401262460