From Seed to Plate- Chioggia Striped Beetroot

Chioggia Striped Beetroot We have eaten the leaves of our Beetroot plants so often that I forgot they were beetroots and started thinking they were spinach! We ate the leaves raw as a snack or in salads and cooked in meals like spaghetti bolognaise. Today I peered a...

Seedsavers -July 2017 – Epazote

22nd July 2017 Dry July has left our plants thirsty, but what glorious sunny days we have been enjoying for gardening! 12 adult members, 2 new people and 2 kids had fun in the sun. Our seedlings still hadn’t grown much now we are well into cold winter weather. We did...

Mammoth melting snow peas

Our Mammoth melting snow peas were planted at the end of February as seeds. They lived up to their name, Mammoth melting Snow peas, by growing 1.8m high on a purpose built trellis. Some were planted with just a tomato cage to support them. This worked, but those...

Sydney – grow your own Peanut?

PSW member, seedsaver Annette Jones, has harvested her first peanut bush, 8 more to go........ These really taste different to the bought ones, way better! If you're interested in growing your own in the western Sydney area, then yes you can.

9 good reasons to oppose Incinerator

Jane Bremmer from the National Toxic Network, Kerri Bradbury and Melinda Wilson from No Incinerator for Western Sydney and Jeremy Buckingham from the NSW Greens were among the speakers. Bremmer said: "Japan has hundreds of Incinerators. But they are also contributing...

Great Tip When Planting Seedlings

When planting seedlings out you can use an old plastic milk bottle to make your signs to remember what you planted. One of the problems I have had with this is that the writing washes off even when using a permanent marker. Our delightful seed saver Annette shared...


Adding herbs to your coop management is a natural and fun way to boost your other efforts so you too can have a happy, healthy Chooktopia!

Healthy Chickens

Still clean your coop regularly and have a full fly management protocol as well. Feed high-quality feed, and allow hens to free-range as well.  

Nesting Box Herb, Catnip Nepeta cataria

If you’re expecting them to make up for a poorly managed coop, cure all your insect problems, or bring world peace, you’ll be sorely disappointed. You still need to be wise in how you take care of your birds and their living space