Sydney – grow your own Peanut?

Sydney – grow your own Peanut?

PSW member, seedsaver Annette Jones, has harvested her first peanut bush, 8 more to go…….. These really taste different to the bought ones, way better! If you’re interested in growing your own in the western Sydney area, then yes you can.

Great Tip When Planting Seedlings

When planting seedlings out you can use an old plastic milk bottle to make your signs to remember what you planted. One of the problems I have had with this is that the writing washes off even when using a permanent marker. Our delightful seed saver Annette shared...


Hi there, Kerry here again.  Composting is probably the most important thing anyone can do if you want a thriving garden. A thriving garden is not the only benefit of compositing it also benefits the environment with less waste going to landfill.  It allows you to use...