Chioggia Striped Beetroot

We have eaten the leaves of our Beetroot plants so often that I forgot they were beetroots and started thinking they were spinach! We ate the leaves raw as a snack or in salads and cooked in meals like spaghetti bolognaise. Today I peered a little closer and saw the Beetroot peeking out of the soil. They did not look like the base of my spinach plants. Luckily the plants are labelled and sure enough they were called Chioggia Striped beetroot. Oops! Just in time for dinner….

The seeds were planted at the end of March and harvested just over four months later. They were a similar size to a tennis ball. (I probably should have picked them earlier!)

Chioggia Striped beetroot

Chioggia Striped beetroot

On the outside they look like the usual Beetroot colour, but when sliced open at first they were a cream colour. I was surprised when I cut again at the beautiful rings of red that showed.

I diced them, basted them in oil and baked them along with some other veggies. The leaves are saved for tomorrow nights dinner. Delicious!
Chioggia Striped beetroot - cooked

Chioggia Striped beetroot – cooked

Chioggia Striped beetroot - diced

Chioggia Striped beetroot – diced