Committee Roles & Job Descriptions

Executive Team



  • General spokesperson.
  • Convene & chair meetings.
  • Collect correspondence hold Exec meetings.
  • Supervise committees.
  • Supervise achievement of aims and objectives.
  • Keep communication lines open.
  • Represent PSW at meetings with local councils, NGOs and other organisations.

Vice President

  • President’s support person and stand-in. Also, convene and chair meetings.
  • Ensure groups/committees run smoothly.


  • Take minutes at Exec meetings. (Template already exists). (3rd Wed every month)
  • Edit and distribute to Exec team within 10 days.
  • Collect Treasurer’s report and IT reports before exec meeting.
  • Distribute correspondence to relevant committee member – emails, general enquires, phone calls.
  • Notify members of public events via group email distributions.

Membership Secretary

  • Process applications for new members (receipt of payments, update and maintain members list).
  • Send out renewal email. Print badges for new members.
  • Record statistics (attendances) and present same at each Exec meeting.
  • Arrive at Monday meeting 30 minutes early: Desk set up. Sign-in books. Application forms.
  • Set up cash register for new member payments.
  • The Front desk is the Welcome Desk 😀


  • Banking, handling cheques, budgets, oversee insurance, raise invoices, produce monthly finance report and bank balance at monthly Exec meeting.
  • Present Annual Report at AGM in December.

Support Committees 


IT Support

  • Manage website.
  • Produce monthly update at Exec meetings.

Education Team

Develop and implement a program of monthly meeting presentations, including guest speakers, in-house speakers and round-robin skills workshops of up to 60mins for each PSW meeting. The program will aim to cover most of the Permaculture Design Principles throughout the year.

This team works well with three people, particularly competent or emerging teachers!
Great chance for mentoring if you are an aspiring workshop leader!

Library /Resource Manager

  • Maintain register for books on loan.
  • Maintain e-Book register and bring requested books to Monday meetings.
  • Follow up non-returns.

Publicity / Media

Suggestions are:

  • Write monthly newsletter
  • Send media releases to local papers
  • Create and maintain other social media accounts at your discretion
  • Take videos of speakers at meetings, workshops, blitzes and Seed savers if attending, if not, delegate tasks to others if necessary, edit and prepare for youtube account, send link to IT for inclusion on website.
  • Introduce other platforms at your discretion.

Permablitz Team Leader

  • Organise and set up garden blitzes/design blitzes. This may involve pre –blitz preparations with host.
  • Create Blitz announcement flyer (template already exists) and send to secretary for distribution.
  • Hold a blitz on the 4th Sunday morning of every month(where possible).
  • Arrange for photographs to be taken during the event
  • Send photos to Secretary for Monthly Review.

Seed Saver Team

Meet once a month at Bidjiwong Nursery (post-COVID – but currently at Lynne and Mark’s place at Emu Heights.)
Lots of activities for everyone on the team:

  • Take photos and send to Webmaster for uploading.
  • Assist with Seed sales at Monday night meeting.
  • Assist with transport of seeds/seedlings to meetings or PSW events.
  • Maintain database of seed varieties currently in Seed Bank.
  • Maintain register of members who growing special varieties for Seed Bank.
  • Run / assist with ‘Seedy Kids’ group.
  • Visit & assist planning for Clean Seeds programs (local schools program).
  • Liaise with volunteers, students and teachers & blitz team leader re-supply of seeds/seedlings supplies.
  • Prepare Monthly Report & send to
    1. Secretary
    2. IT for website posting.
    3. Bidjiwong (Fresa) for Council records.
  • Respond to blog questions on Facebook / PSW site
  • Bank seeds/seedling takings after each meeting.

Living Skills

One person can do it. Works better with 2.

  • Be on the lookout for skills which members may have.
  • Invite people to teach what they know to a small group (6-10 people usually).
  • Organise a date, time & venue with them. (If it’s not their place, then it’s yours!)
  • Create a flyer invitation (Template already exists)
  • Do a cost check to cover cost of materials.
  • Send to the Secretary for Email Distribution.
  • Collect money, issue receipts & pay presenter (covering costs only) on the day.
  • Take photos. Give photos to IT person for uploading on the website.

Exec Team Support Members

Support is needed with the following:

  • Recycle roundabout Table supervision
  • Meet and greet sub-committee at monthly meetings.
  • Bring PSW Sandwich board + big screen to each Monday night meeting

Tea / Coffee supply at monthly meetings

This involves bringing the picnic basket with tea/coffee, milk, sugar, mugs, spoons to each monthly meeting. Collect the gold coin donations and manage the petty cash raised.

NOTE:  time commitments

Executive Team Members commit to

  • a 2 hour meeting once per month (generally held at the home of a fellow exec member – 3rd Tuesday evening of every month)
  • a 1/2 day planning session (this generally occurs on an agreed date in January)

Support Members are not expected to attend the monthly meetings. They are considered to be ‘on-call’. They are welcome to attend if they wish. 😊