What a delight it was to hear Costa talk on Monday night.  He is a truly inspiring person, sharing his experiences and obvious love of people and gardening.   Costa spoke to a packed house about how verge planting can create change in our communities.  Costa said “this is a talk about how we as communities are on the verge of change”.   Costa talked about how, as communities we can make a change in how we connect, live and grow, share skills, knowledge, food and stories.  Costa said change is happening in the way we interact in our neighbourhoods and starts by connecting with our neighbours and he spoke about how this happened after planting a verge (nature strip) in his street.

My husband and I have experienced the priceless pleasure of doing just that.  We have a vegetable garden and chickens in our back yard and we are delighted when, on most weekends our neighbours come in to see what we are doing in the garden, the kids come in too and help with the watering and planting.  The next thing we know other neighbours are saying hi and coming to join in.  We share stories and share produce with each other.  This is what community is all about.  Not all are into gardening but everyone has a talent they can share.  We all look out for each other.  This is what Costa’s message was to us on Monday night.

Being part of Permaculture Sydney West is another way of creating a larger community where we all help each other out, share knowledge and skills.

A big thank you Costa. from the team at Permaculture Sydney West.  pic of Costa