Hello everyone,

What an entertaining and informative guest speaker we had at last Monday night’s meeting!
True to his word, Diego has sent through some information and links for anyone who would like to find out more on the subject.
Chickweed> food+medicine Stellaria media
Dandelion> food+medicine  Taraxacum officinale
Farmer’s friend> food+medicine Bidens_pilosa
Fat hen> food Chenopodium_album
Flatweed>  food Hypochaeris spp 
Fleabane> insect repellant Conyza canadensis 
Flickweed> food Cardamine-hirsuta
Mallow> food+medicine malva spp.

Medic burr> food Medicago polymorpha

Nettle> food+medicine urtica-urens-u-incisa
Persian speedwell> meh Veronica_persica
Plantain> medicine Plantago lanceolata

Prickly lettuce> food+medicine Lactuca_serriola

Radium weed> TOXIC – medicine Euphorbia_peplus
Red flowering mallow> meh Modiola caroliniana
Sowthistle > food Sowthistle -Sonchus spp

A good link for edible plants is Plant for a future

The link to the wild food market place that we are creating is wildwood.store
Diego also runs other workshops.

The next one is

Seaside Foraging or the edible event Forage to Feast

Bookings and details can be found here: at this link

Two good books:

Pat Collins: http://www.patcollins.com.au/index.php/shop/product/521-wondrous-world-of-weeds-by-pat-collins Adam Grubb and Annie Raser-Rowland: http://www.eatthatweed.com/
A good forum to identify plants is on facebook> Edible Weeds, Wild Food & Foraging in Australia

if you have any questions and images please share them on social media>

Diego Bonetto: Instagram> @theweedyoneFacebook> Wild Stories


Happy foraging! Vera Meyer President,  Permaculture Sydney West Inc. http://www.permaculturesydneywest.com.au