june 2021 meeting

Members Meeting: 7th June 2021

Join us on Monday, 7th June for our members’ online PSW Meeting.


  • Garden Stories
  • Guest Speaker: April Sampson-Kelly
  • More to come…

Guest Speaker: April Sampson-Kelly with lessons from a Mature Food Forest!

Lessons From a Mature Food Forest28 years is a fair pace for a human and eons for a chicken, but a brief episode for a rainforest. Much has grown. April & Paul have raised two boys & built a food forest within an existing parkland. All have experienced & responded to climate change. April will answer questions, show photos and open discussions about establishing and maintaining food forests. She has seen many food forests in Australia, Malaysia, Korea, China, Spain, UK and USA. April will be sharing her experiences from their site near Wollongong – the good, the bad and the ugly

A short Bio – April pioneered one of the first online Permaculture courses (permaculturevisions.com) in 1993 in the days of dial-up wireless & late nights of html coding. It is now a worldwide service. Her partner, Paul, is a world leader in environment metallurgy. Together they set about to nurture a food forest & have fun making alternative technologies. Each weekend they would buy a new tree & smother kikuyu with cardboard and root out weeds. This is a little of what the forest taught them.

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