Members Meeting: 5th April 2021

Join us on Monday, 5th April for our members online PSW Meeting.


  • Garden Stories
  • Guest Speaker: Darren Hey
  • More to come…

Guest Speaker: Darren Hey

Darren Hey is a Health Educator and Natural Lifestyle Consultant passionately dedicated to human and planetary regeneration through the pursuit of healthy and connected living.

His philosophy outlines a connection between the natural world and our well-being, but most importantly between the living elements and life-force energy that flows through and connects us all.

Having lived in an off-grid, permaculture community of shifting inhabitants of both local (Australian) and international origin for the past four years and more, Darren has witnessed and been a part of what does and doesn’t work in a community.  He has also listened to the frustrations of many who wished to do as he has done but hasn’t been able to work out how. Darren will be talking about what it takes to live in a community successfully and expand the concept of capital beyond its purely financial meaning so that people will see that they have more with which to trade than pure currency alone.

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