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Urban Permaculture in Practice

This course is a thorough introduction to the ethics and principles of Permaculture for urban settings: balconies, small and large backyards and community gardens. It enables participants to design, set up and run their own sustainable home/gardens based on organic and natural strategies.

The series has 2 modules of 5 classes each. The first module is called GOOF 1. – Grow Our Own Food. The second module is called GOOF 2 – Grow Our Own Future. The third module is Grow Our Own Fortitude Details of each class follow this introduction.

The classes are delivered by knowledgeable and experienced teachers who started out like the participants. We provide all the necessary notes needed to apply the learning back home with confidence and competence

This 10 part series is based on the Ethics and Principles of Permaculture as laid out by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren and as practised around the world in a variety of climates. The GOOF modules focus on the temperate/subtropical climate of the Western Suburbs of Sydney.

Each interactive class runs for four hours (with a 20 min tea break). We blend theory and information with a range of interesting and relevant activities which put the theory into practical action. Participants use the break to learn more about each other’s goals and needs as we share food and drinks, which we all bring.

The classes are usually delivered on weekend mornings or afternoons. But the series can also be run during the week if required. We recommend that the modules be offered weekly or fortnightly for maximum impact. Once a month is too big a gap between workshops

The participants of each group are encouraged and supported to form their own mini-groups to help each other apply the principles and strategies back home.

After completing the GOOF Series people may continue their journey towards self/community sustainability by completing their Permaculture Design Certificate, which we offer via one of our members, Danielle Wheeler. This would give them a certification to teach and offer consultations on permaculture professionally. They would be joining a family of authorised practitioners around the world.

If they don’t want a new career but just want to apply the knowledge and skills to their own home, neighbourhood or community, they can continue their education by attending our wide range of Urban Permaculture Workshops, which are listed after the GOOF Modules .