Cultivating community

–       Defining “community” & why community is important

–       First steps – community dinners; community newsletter; Neighbourhood watch; discussion group; coops; work share; mission statement; asset inventory

–       More advanced ideas – community garden or orchard; neighbourhood composting; planting trees; establish an edible landscape; start a CSA

–       Learning circles

–       The local economy, local currency, cottage industries



Household products

–       Soapmaking – practical demonstration

–       Other cleaners – bicarb, vinegar

–       Skin care

–       Toothpaste & deodorant


Preserving the Harvest

–       Fermentation

–       Drying

–       Pickling

–       Bottling

–       Smoking

Advanced permaculture

–       Revise ethics and principles

–       Designing a guild

–       Zones and resilience

–       Needs and yields analysis

15 Putting it all together – Living Sustainably in the suburbs

–       What is sustainable living?

–       What difference does living in the ‘burbs make?

–       What are some of the barriers to sustainable living?

–       How can we break those barriers down?

–       Thinking globally and acting locally

–       Food, water, energy, waste, transport, consumption, transport and community in the suburbs