Lasts for the year.

Last seedsavers, last seedling delivery to schools, last seedling delivery to member’s backyard blitz, last community garden drop off, last clean out of the greenhouses, last seed cleaning and packaging. 

33 plus 4 children met at Bidjiwong Council nursery for the last time in 2018. 

So how did we go in 2018? We had 308 people attend over the 10 months, compared to 245 in 2017. This included 33 children and 15 visitors. 64 extra member adults attended over 2018 compared to 2017. Hours worked at Seed Savers was 1088 in 2018 compared to 980 in 2017. 

We planted over 300 varieties of seeds in 2018, which was similar to 2017, transplanted over 100 varieties, propagated 34 types of trees, harvested seeds and donated seeds back. This group is awesome !!, thank you all.

We will return on 23rd February 2019 and you are welcome to join us.And this with the after party pics

Season’s Greetings from Annette

Seedsavers, After Party at Sandras, thanks Sandra for opening your home to members. Great food, great company, and some great group drumming, thanks Amanda for the drums and interaction especially with the kids.