Late June Seed Planting Record PSW 23/06/2018

Seeds Planted this month


Propagated plants

Ashwaganda – Indian Ginseng

Seeds donated to Seed Savers

Ashwaganda – Indian Ginseng
Rocket – Round Lobed
Rocket – Wild

Seeds harvested and cleaned

  • Ashwaganda – Indian Ginseng
  • Brassica – unknown variety
  • Broad Bean – Aquadulce
  • Carrot – Scarlet Nantes
  • Nigella – Miss Jekyll Blue
  • Radish – Rat Tail or Pod
  • Rocket – Round Lobed
  • Rocket – Wild
  • Salsify – Mammoth Sandwich Island
  • Salvia – Lady in Red

Seeds taken for home planting by members



Annette showing a method of propergating fruit trees, called marcotting

marcotting Kaffir Lime


Aswaganda cuttings were taken home

Marcot grafting technique was demonstrated to seed saver members on Kaffir lime tree