Late April Seed Planting Record PSW 28/04/2018

Seeds Planted this month

Amaranth – Golden Seeding Aquilegia – Mckanna Giant mix Baby’s Breath – Snowflake Broccoli – Calabrese
Burdock – Takinogowa Long Cabbage – Early Jersey Wakefield (Sugarloaf type) Cabbage – Savoy Purple Verona Cabbage – Savoy Winter
Cabbage – Wombok Candytuft Cauliflower – Macerata Green Celery – Chinese
Celery – Peppermint Chives – Onion Cress – Garden Extra Curled Endive – Curly Leaf
Hon Tsai Tai Kale – Nero di Toscana Kale – Red Winter Lettuce – Amish Deer Tongue
Lettuce – Marvel of Four Seasons Lettuce – Parris Island Cos Lettuce – Red Cos Mangel Wurzel
Mizuna – Purple Mustard – Green Wasabi Nigella – Miss Jekyll Blue Onion – Ailsa Craig
Onion – Bunching, Winter Ishikura Onion – Cream Gold Onion – Long Tropea Red Onion – Spanish White Bunching
Parsley – Hamburg Turnip Rooted Parsley – Italian Giant Florentine (Flat Leaf) Parsley – Triple Curled Soapwort
Sorrel Sugarbeet Turnip – Italian Cabbage Turnip – Purple Top White Globe
Viola – Helen Mount Heartsease Viola – Rococo Frilled Mix Yam – Murnong Daisy, donated by James from Aboriginal Conservation Nowra

Propagated plants

Seeds donated to Seed Savers

Broccoli Brown Seeded Snake Beans
Coriander Slow Bolt Lettuce Little Leprechaun
Pumpkin – Jarrahdale Radish – Rat Tail aka Pod Radish

Note some of this has been sent from Valla from retired but still interested PSW ex members

Seeds harvested and cleaned

Artichoke – Green Globe Catnip Lettuce – Green Cos
Mint Radish – Rat Tail aka Pod Radish Sunflower – Sunbird

Seeds taken for home planting by members

Bean – Black Seeded Snake Broad Bean – Aquadulce Coriander – Slowbolt Onion – Ailsa Craig
Onion – Cream Gold Onion – Long Tropea Red Onion – Pukohoe Peas – Sugar Snap Cascadia
Radish – Long Black Radish – Watermelon Winter Radish Snowpea – Mammoth Melting Sweet Peas – Blue Streamers