Living Skills Event

Starting your own Bee Hive including building your own Bee Box,

Starting your own Bee Hive

Starting your own Bee Hive

Expressions of Interest please

We have invited Arthur Garske, a member of Parramatta Beekeepers Association to run a 2 day workshop for Permaculture Sydney West members.

Proposed date is:

15th-16th September Cost: $175 (includes $30 DVD)


Rules & Regulations for keeping bees in NSW. Introduction & overview of requirements.

Workplace Safety – Risks * Different reactions *Aggressive Bees *Heatstroke *Protective gear *Uniforms
Honey Bee Biology *Introduction * Difference, e.g. workers/drones * Numbers in the hive * Variety of roles bees fulfil
Bee Hives * Various options of design * Decisions to be made before acquiring first hive, e.g. 8 frame, 10 frame
Assembly of Equipment *Boxes, Bottom Boards & Lids (All treated to preserving, painting & maintaining.) * Frames * Wiring * Embedding Foundation
Location of Hives * Stationary * Migratory * Backyard * Rural
Feeding Hives * How to * When to

Management of Hives Year Round Movement

Migration of Beehives * Preparation * How to and when * Problems associated with moving hives * Keeping a diary


Lighting & Extinguishing a smoker * O. H. & S * Parts * Fuel * Where to aim smoke and why * Use of smoker to manage bees
Opening & Reassembly of a hive * Tools needed * Removing a frame and how to hold it for examination * Cells – what is contained in cells on a frame * Swarm prevention * Robbing the hive

a) When b) Different methods

Honey Extraction * Preparation for extraction * How to handle * Process & Storage of extracted honey

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PSW Living Skills Coordinator