After watching the ABC’s War on Waste it got me to thinking, especially after finding that over 1 billion disposable coffee cups enter our landfill every year. How can we do our bit and take the next step to reduce that amount?

As a humble consumer and permaculturist who wants to do her bit, I can join with others to wield quite a bit of power when it comes to looking at ways we can all change our community eating places for the better. Sometimes it seems really difficult to find simple good, healthy food or enjoy a coffee as sustainably as possible.

Start by hitting up your own local community businesses. Ask them if they’ll give you a discount if you have your own cup or mug. Let them know there are other places close by that do, and that they should join, it will save them time and money, as well as giving savings to you, and benefit the community too – much less waste!

Some cafes are getting the idea that bringing the basics back works! Here in Australia we have a website called Responsible Cafes. Just type in your address and you can find your nearest cafes that will give discounts if you bring your own take away cup.

Choose to eat and drink more mindfully and help grow the momentum toward better, healthier, more sustainable communities and lifestyles. Start this conversation with your family and friends – you never know just how powerful you can become by taking the first small step.