Come to our May meeting on Monday 1 May 2017 at 7:00 pm sharp to hear Michael Mobbs talk about how he created his Sustainable House in Sydney’s suburb of Chippendale.

Michael Mobbs, the “off the grid guy” with Sydney’s Sustainable House will show you how to cut your bills, reduce your pollution and get healthy with local food you grow or buy.

Since 1996, his energy and water bills have been less than $300 per year.   His house has completely switched to solar panels and batteries.  You too can save hundreds of dollars every year by powering your household appliances using the sun, this means not paying electricity bills.


Gavin Gilchrist from The Big Switch says “It all the electric water heaters in Australia were replaced with solar ones, greenhouse gas emissions from Australia’s households would be cut by one-fifth.”

Learn how it is possible to achieve clean water with almost no maintenance Michael’s sustainable house has four clever adaptations to produce fresh and save water.  More than a million litres of recycled water has been safely retrained on-site at his home since 1996.  It has been re-used for toilet flushing, clothes washing and gardening.  The family has experienced no human illness or injury from the system, and the soil in the wetland where surplus water is absorbed is healthy, supporting a range of vegetables and other productive plants.

Here is a link to Michael’s website if you would like to find out more about him.

Come along for a fun night.  See you there!