What do you get for your membership?

Our intention is to provide value for money by educating, sharing experiences and knowledge. There are also many key benefits to enhance your lifestyle that money can’t buy such as friendship and being part of a like-minded community – a real permaculture network.

We want to make sure you take full advantage of your membership which includes:

  • The opportunity to attend garden blitzes and hold one of your own after attending 3.
  • The opportunity to exchange plants, resources and recycle through our membership network.
  • Access to our seed bank
  • Access to the Library. (Please order books prior to the meeting The library is extensive and not all books are transported to the meeting) A list will be made available on the website.
  • Attendance at living skills workshops (e.g. cheese making, preserving fruit, pruning etc.)
  • The chance to participate at shows and get free entry if working on the stall.

Membership Types & Fees?

To keep in line with the permaculture philosophy, fees are kept to a minimum. Fees are used for insurance cover, stationery (we try to recycle as much as possible) and Venue Hire.





How to Join Permaculture Sydney West

* For new memberships please fill out this form online
*For previous members who are returning please email the membership officer

Fees are due for renewal on the first of July each year.

We thank you for your application for membership. However, please be aware that your membership is not valid until receipt of membership fees.

Emergency details required for insurance purposes