Jane Bremmer from the National Toxic Network, Kerri Bradbury and Melinda Wilson from No Incinerator for Western Sydney and Jeremy Buckingham from the NSW Greens were among the speakers.

Bremmer said: “Japan has hundreds of Incinerators. But they are also contributing 40% of the global Dioxin emissions and they have the highest levels of Dioxin in the bodies of their citizens. As the host community you are going to be living in the incinerator sacrifice zone.”

    No IncineratorNo Incinerator

Concerns About the Incinerator

  1. Co2
  2. Toxic organics – dioxin, furans, hexachlorobenzene, PCBs
  3. Toxic metals – lead, cadmium, mercury, arsenic
  4. Particulates – PM 2.5 & PM 10 & nanoparticles
  5. Loss of embodied energy
  6. 1 tonne toxic ash contaminated with toxic heavy metals and persistent organic pollutants for each 4 tonnes of waste burnt
  7. Undermines recycling
  8. Destroys resources
  9. Entrenches the linear economy

The Incinerator is opposed by –

  • EPA
  • Health department
  • Blacktown Council
  • Penrith Council
  • Hawkesbury Council
  • Residents

What to do?

  • Contact your local council
  • Contact your state member
  • Let them know you are opposed to this technology!