Praying for Rain

Although the day for Seed Savers dawned bright, sunny and cheerful – we all know in our hearts that it is really rain that we are praying for. Needless to say, our members turned out in droves with 40 people turning up to selflessly give up their time and put their willing hands into gardening gloves. We had 4 new members this month (welcome!), as well as 5 children.

For all of you gardeners at home, September is the perfect month to start planting those long-awaited summer crops. If you have passed the last frost date for your area and are no longer expecting any frosts which might kill the seedlings of tender summer crops, then GET PLANTING! Get outside and get dirty! Put on those grubby boots you have at the back door (I know you have some) and put your hands in the soil. You won’t regret it once you are harvesting the first of your delicious summer produce.

At Seed Savers this month, some of our seedlings from last month were taken home by our members to put into their own gardens while others were packed up and donated for our monthly permablitz. If you haven’t joined us for a permablitz yet, please throw your hat in the ring to help out on an upcoming blitz and you could even end up getting a blitz done on your own garden!

Many hands make light work as they say and so our 40 members and 5 kids at Seed Savers made light work of the usual allotted tasks. We sowed 25 different seed varieties including alyssum, amaranth, beans, beetroot, cabbage, chamomile, choy sum, chard, cosmos, lettuce, onion, radish, silverbeet, spinach, sunflower, sweet annie, tatsoi, and turnip. 22 seedling varieties were potted on from the seeds that had germinated from last month, these included alyssum, amaranth, cabbage, cress, dill, hyssop, lettuce, Californian poppies, and tomatoes.

An exciting new venture is that we are now starting to branch out into fruit trees so this month we propagated feijoa and 2 varieties of plum, grapes, red shahoot mulberries and black figs from last month are doing well.

We harvested seeds from beetroot, bitter melon, cabbage, calendula, capsicum, carrot, chilli, kale, lettuce, melon, onion, pumpkin, salvia, and turmeric.

And of course in the middle of this we stopped for some well-deserved morning tea, a chat and birthday cake for September birthday members and for a new baby boy, congratulations to Push and Sabha.

Seed Savers meets 9am-1pm on the 4th Saturday of each month at Bidjiwong Community Nursery, Baulkham Hills. All welcome, with free seedlings to take home each month. You are welcome to attend 1 meeting to see if this group suits you, if so you can become a single member for $25, or family member for $30 a year. Becoming a member is for the purpose of insurance cover and venue hire when you do any activities with us. Children from 6 years are welcome at Seed Savers.

Happy Gardening!

Jo Tonitto

PS Looks like the prayers were answered in some areas on the 26th