PSW Seed Savers met on Saturday 28th April under what threatened to be rather dreary weather conditions. Overcast skies did not deter the enthusiastic team and we had 25 people attending regardless. As it turned out the rain held off just nicely (aside from a little bit of misting).

After a short stint of socialising while we picked out a few seedlings to take home to plant we got stuck in to the tasks at hand.

Just starting, setting up

Preparing to start work

We are planting winter crops at the moment so that means plenty of seeds from the brassicaceae family were prominent (aquilegia, four varieties of cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, hon tsai tai, mizuna, three varieties of kale, mustard, cress, and two varieties of turnip). Lots of other seeds were also planted such as amaranth, baby’s breath, burdock, candytuft, two varieties of celery, onion chives, endive, four varieties of lettuces, mangel wurzel, nigella, four varieties of onion, three varieties of parsley, soapwort, sorrel, sugarbeet, two varieties of viola, and a rare yam which was kindly donated to PSW Seed Savers by Aboriginal Conservation Nowra. In total we planted 43 varieties of seed.

We also transplanted twelve different seedlings including cabbages, Chinese broccoli, mesclun mix, leek, mustard, kale, lettuce, onion, turnip, and viola.

After planting seeds and the transplanting of seedlings from last month we all settled in for a well-deserved morning tea and to extend Happy Birthday wishes to Lynne whose birthday fell in April. Following morning tea we were straight into cleaning seeds that had been harvested, cutting out labels for seed packets, and dividing seeds into individual packets. We also did some weeding in the community garden. We always appreciate the seeds donated by members which increase the size and diversity of our ever-growing seed bank.

Of the twelve different seed types taken home by members to plant in their gardens, of particular interest was an extremely rare variety of sweet pea. Other seeds taken home included snake beans, broad beans, coriander, four varieties of onions, sugar snap peas, two varieties of radishes, and snow peas.

Seed Savers meets 9am-1pm on the 4th Saturday of each month at Bidjiwong Community Nursery, Baulkham Hills. All welcome, with free seedlings to take home each month. You are welcome to attend 1

Group Shot

Group Shot

meeting to see if this group suits you, if so you can become a single member for $25, or family member for $30 a year. Becoming a member is for the purpose of insurance cover and venue hire when you do any activities with us. Children from 6 years are welcome at Seed Savers.

Happy Gardening!

Jo Tonitto