Seed Savers


The Seed Savers team can help you get started on the journey:

• choosing appropriate seeds for the season

– in person at PSW meetings or via our online Catalogue

sow the seeds and nurture them

potting on and transplanting the seedlings

• regularly updated “Plant of the Month” posts to help in growing specific plant varieties



Permaculture Sydney West’s Seed Savers team is made up of volunteers who deal with all aspects of raising plants from seeds. This includes, but is not limited to:

• sowing seeds in punnets or tubes

• pricking out and potting on of small seedlings

• harvesting, cleaning and storing seeds

• packing seeds for sale

• conducting germination tests and potting on germinated seeds

Any financial member of PSW is welcome to join us at our monthly meetings for fun, food and learning. We meet on second Saturday of each month, except January.