to the “prototype” for pre-ordering seeds from PSW SeedSavers.
This initiative will be trialled for three months and then reviewed. Here are some things you might like to know:

  • most of the seed is grown in the western suburbs of Sydney so all seed for sale is suitable for growing in this region.
  • seed offered for sale is seed that can be planted now.
  • seed is grown, packed and labelled by volunteers: if the seed is not what it says it is, please come and speak to SeedSavers at one of the meetings, we will replace your seed with the same or another variety. We will not offer a return of your money.
  • there should be enough seed in each packet to feed a family of four for one season; if you require more, buy more packets
  • seed that is past its ‘best before’ date will still germinate but the percentage of seed that comes up will be less than if you chose fresher seed – for this reason, seed that past its “best before” date in the last three months is 30c, four to twelve months ago 20c, more than a year ago is free!
  • seed in ‘Presentation packs” (pp) has more information about the seed and, generally, has more seeds per packet. These cost $1 and are all in date.
  • some seed is in short supply, so this system is operated on ‘first come, first served’ basis
  • for every $5 you spend on seed from PSW during 2020, you will receive a voucher which entitles you to one free packet of seed of your choice
  • it is up to you to research which variety of seed you want; that said, why not try something new instead of the same variety over and over?
  • since you are buying seed at such a reduced price, it is understood that you will grow some of your crop to maturity and return seed to PSW. Someone from SeedSavers may contact you regarding seed if you have chosen a variety that is in short supply.
Alyssum ‘Snow Cloth’ ALY-SN Dec-19
Alyssum ‘Snow Cloth’ ALY-SN Dec-20
Amaranth ‘Golden Grain’ AMA-GG Dec-19
Amaranth ‘Golden Grain’ AMA-GG Mar-20
Amaranth ‘Heart Leaf’ AMA-HL Mar-20
Amaranth ‘Heart Leaf’ AMA-HL Dec-22
Amaranth ‘Red Flowering Salad Leaf’ AMA-RFSL Oct-19
Amaranth ‘Red Flowering Salad Leaf’ AMA-RFSL Dec-20
Anise (aka Aniseed) ANI-SEE Dec-19
Aquilegia ‘Giant McKenna’ AQU-GM Dec-20
Aquilegia (aka “Columbine’ or “Granny’s Bonnets”) AQU-CGB Dec-19
Beetroot ‘Bulls Blood’ BEE-BB Dec-21
Beetroot ‘Burpee’s Golden’ BEE-BG Dec-19
Beetroot ‘Burpee’s Golden’ BEE-BG Dec-20
Beetroot ‘Chioggia’ BEE-CHI Feb-20
Beetroot ‘Chioggia’ BEE-CHI Dec-20
Beetroot ‘Chioggia’ BEE-CHI(pp) undated
Beetroot ‘Cylindra’ BEE-CYL Dec-19
Beetroot ‘Cylindra’ BEE-CYL Oct-20
Beetroot ‘Detroit Red’ BEE-DR May-19
Beetroot ‘Detroit Red’ BEE-DR Dec-19
Beetroot ‘Detroit Red’ BEE-DR May-21
Beetroot ‘Early Wonder’ BEE-EW Dec-21
Beetroot ‘Giant Yellow Eckendorf’ BEE-GYE Dec-22
Beetroot ‘Golden Detroit” BEE-GD Dec-22
Beetroot ‘Mangel Wurzel’ BEE-MW Dec-20
Beetroot ‘Ruby Queen’ BEE-RQ Mar-20
Beetroot ‘Ruby Queen’ BEE-RQ(pp) undated
Beetroot ‘Sugarbeet’ BEE-SB Dec-23
Beetroot ‘White’ BEE-WHI Dec-19
Beetroot ‘White’ BEE-WHI Apr-23
Beetroot ‘White’ BEE-WHI(pp) undated
Bok Choy BOK-CHO Sep-19
Bok Choy BOK-CHO Mar-20
Bok Choy BOK-CHO Oct-20
Borage, Blue BOR-AGE(pp) undated
Broccoli ‘Albert’ BRO-ALB Jun-21
Broccoli ‘Calabrese’ BRO-CAL Sep-20
Broccoli ‘di Cicco’ BRO-DI Dec-19
Broccoli ‘di Cicco’ BRO-DI Sep-21
Broccoli ‘Goliath’ BRO-GOL May-20
Broccoli ‘Green King’ **HYBRID** BRO-GK Jun-19
Broccoli ‘Hong Kong’ Chinese BRO-HKC Jun-19
Broccoli ‘Romanesco’ BRO-ROM Nov-20
Broccoli ‘Spigariello Liscia’ (leaf broccoli) BRO-SL Dec-21
Broccoli ‘Umpqua’ BRO-UMP Jun-20
Broccoli, unknown variety BRO-UNK Dec-21
Cabbage ‘Early Jersey Wakefield’ CAB-EJW Sep-20
Cabbage ‘Green Express’ CAB-GE Sep-21
Cabbage ‘Green Vertus’ CAB-GV Dec-20
Cabbage ‘Michihili’ CAB-MIC May-19
Cabbage ‘Mini Wong Bok’ CAB-MWB Dec-19
Cabbage ‘Red Dutch’ CAB-RD Dec-22
Cabbage ‘San Michel’ Savoy CAB-SMS Mar-20
Cabbage ‘Vertus Savoy’ CAB-VS Dec-19
Cabbage ‘Wombok’ CAB-WOM May-21
Calendula ‘Mayan Orange’ CAL-MO Dec-20
Calendula ‘Pot Marigold’ MAL-PM Jun-20
Calendula, unknown CAL-UNK undated
Calendula, yellow CAL-YEL Feb-21
Carrot ‘All Seasons’ CAR-AS Oct-20
Carrot ‘Belgian White’ CAR-BW Dec-19
Carrot ‘Belgian White’ CAR-BW Mar-20
Carrot ‘Chantenay’ CAR-CHA Feb-21
Carrot ‘Early Nantes’ CAR-EN Sep-21
Carrot ‘Purple Dragon’ CAR-PD Dec-19
Carrot ‘Purple Dragon’ CAR-PD Apr-20
Carrot ‘Scarlet Nantes’ CAR-SN Dec-19
Carrot ‘Scarlet Nantes’ CAR-SN Nov-20
Carrot ‘Solar Yellow’ CAR-SY Apr-22
Carrot ‘Tip Top’ CAR-TT Dec-19
Cauliflower ‘Macerata’ CAU-MAC Dec-19
Cauliflower ‘Snowball’ CAU-SNO Oct-20
Celery ‘Tall Utah’ CEL-TU Mar-21
Celery, Chinese CEL-CHI Feb-20
Celery, Red CEL-RED Dec-19
Celery, unknown CEL-UNK Jan-22
Chervil (French Parsley) CER-FP Dec-21
Choy Sum, purple (aka Choi San) CHO-SUM Nov-20
Collard Greens ‘Morris Heading’ COL-MH Dec-20
Coriander ‘Slowbolt’ COR-SB Jan-20
Coriander ‘Slowbolt’ COR-SB Jun-20
Cress, land CRE-LAN Mar-20
Dill ‘Bouquet’ SIL-BOU Dec-19
Dill (herb) DIL-HER Dec-20
Endive ‘Bionda a Cuore Pieno’ END-BCP Mar-19
Foxglove, mauve FOX-GLO Dec-19
Gailan (Chinese Broccoli, Kai-Lan) GAI-LAN Dec-20
Hyssop (herb) HYS-SOP Dec-19
Kohl Rabi ‘Purple Vienna’ KOH-PV Oct-20
Leek ‘Bulgarian Giant’ LEE-BG Oct-20
Leek ‘Carentan’ LEE-CAR Apr-21
Leek ‘Varna’ LEE-VAR Dec-20
Lettuce ‘Barba dei Frati’ (“Friar’s Beard’) LET-BDF Dec-22
Lettuce ‘Biscia Rossa’ (‘Red Snake’) LET-BR Apr-20
Lettuce ‘Black Seeded Simpson’ LET-BSS Dec-22
Lettuce ‘Bronze Mignonette’ LET-BM Dec-22
Lettuce ‘Buttercrunch’ LET-BUT Feb-20
Lettuce ‘Buttercrunch’ LET-BUT undated
Lettuce ‘Canasta’ (aka ‘Summer Harvest’) LET-CAN Nov-19
Lettuce ‘Cos Verdi’ (aka ‘Green Cos’) LET-CV Mar-20
Lettuce ‘Cos Verdi’ (aka ‘Green Cos’) LET-CV Dec-20
Lettuce ‘Cos Verdi’ (aka ‘Green Cos’) LET-CV(pp) undated
Lettuce ‘Dwarf Cos’ LET-DC Dec-20
Lettuce ‘Forellenschluse’ (aka ‘Flashy Trout Back’) LET-FOR Dec-20
Lettuce ‘Freckles’ LET-FRE Dec-20
Lettuce ‘Freckles’ LET-FRE Dec-20
Lettuce ‘Frilly Pink’ **RARE** LET-FP Apr-20
Lettuce ‘Green and Red Mixed’ (firm leaf) LET-GRM Dec-22
Lettuce ‘Lollo Rossa’ LET-LR Feb-20
Lettuce ‘Lollo Rossa’ LET-LR Jun-22
Lettuce ‘Marvel of Four Seasons’ LET-MFS Dec-19
Lettuce ‘Marvel of Four Seasons’ LET-MFS Dec-20
Lettuce ‘Marvel of Four Seasons’ LET-MFS(pp) undated
Lettuce ‘Michelle’ LET-MIC Dec-20
Lettuce ‘Mixed Green’ LET-MG Dec-21
Lettuce ‘Red Coral’ LET-COR Dec-19
Lettuce ‘Red Cos’ LET-RCO Oct-20
Lettuce ‘Regina di Maggio’ LET-RDM Dec-20
Lettuce ‘Riccolina da Tagelio’ (Old Man’s Beard’) LET-RDT Apr-20
Lettuce ‘Salad Bowl Green’ LET-SBG Apr-21
Lettuce ‘Salad Bowl Red’ LET-SBR Dec-19
Lettuce, variety unknown LET-UNK Dec-21
Mitsuba (aka Japanese parsley) MIT-SUB Dec-20
Mizuna, green MIZ-GRE Dec-20
Mizuna, purple MIZ-PUR Oct-19
Mustard Greens ‘Garnet Giant’ MUS-GG Dec-20
Mustard Greens ‘Osaka Purple’ MUS-OP Oct-21
Mustard Greens ‘Red Giant’ (aka ‘Osaka’) MUS-RGO Dec-19
Mustard Greens ‘Red Giant’ (aka ‘Osaka’) MUS-RGO Dec-20
Mustard Greens ‘Wasabi’ MG-WAS Dec-19
Nasturtium, trailing, apricot NAS-TA Dec-20
Nasturtium, trailing, orange NAS-TO Dec-20
Nasturtium, trailing, yellow NAS-TY Mar-20
Nasturtium, trailing, yellow and orange NAS-TYO Mar-20
Nigella ‘Miss Jekyll Blue’ NIG-MJB Mar-20
Pansy ‘Swiss Giant Mix’ PAN-SGM Aug-20
Parsley ‘Italian Giant Florentine’ PAR-IGF Sep-19
Parsley ‘Italian Giant Florentine’ PAR-IGF Nov-19
Parsley ‘Italian Giant Florentine’ PAR-IGF Dec-19
Parsley ‘Italian Giant Florentine’ PAR-IGF Apr-20
Parsley ‘Triple Curled’ PAR-TC Dec-19
Parsley ‘Triple Curled’ PAR-TC Mar-20
Parsnip PAR-SNI Dec-19
Parsnip ‘Hollow Crown’ PAR-HC Dec-20
Radish ‘Daikon’ RAD-DAI Nov-20
Radish ‘French Breakfast’ RAD-FB Feb-21
Radish ‘Japanese Daikon Long Whilte’ RAD-JDLW Dec-20
Radish ‘Japanese Daikon White’ RAD-JDW Mar-20
Radish ‘Japanese Daikon’ RAD-JD Sep-20
Radish ‘Long Black’ RAD-LB Dec-21
Radish ‘Purple Plum’ RAD-PP Feb-21
Radish ‘Rat Tail’ (aka ‘Pod’) RAD-RTP Dec-19
Radish ‘Rat Tail’ (aka ‘Pod’) RAD-RTP Jan-20
Radish ‘Rat Tail’ (aka ‘Pod’) RAD-RTP Jun-20
Radish ‘Watermelon’ RAD-WAT Nov-19
Radish, unknown ERAD-UNK Jan-22
Rocket ‘Round Lobed’ ROCK-RL Dec-20
Rocket ‘Wild’ (aka ‘Sylvetta’) ROCK-WIL Mar-20
Salsify SAL-SIF Nov-19
Silverbeet ‘Fordhook Giant’ SIL-FG Dec-19
Silverbeet ‘Fordhook Giant’ SIL-FG Apr-21
Silverbeet ‘Orange Fantasia’ SIL-OF Dec-19
Spinach ‘Baby’ SPI-BAB Dec-19
Spinach ‘Bloomsdale Long Standing’ SPI-BLS Dec-19
Swiss Chard ‘Rainbow’ CHA-RAI Mar-20
Swiss Chard ‘Rainbow’ CHA-RAI Mar-21
Swiss Chard ‘Rainbow’ CHA-RAI(pp) undated
Swiss Chard ‘Ruby Red’ CHA-RR Dec-19
Tansy TAN-SY Dec-19
Tansy TAN-SY Dec-20
Tatsoi TAT-SOI Dec-20
Turnip ‘Golden Ball’ TUR-GB Dec-19
Turnip ‘Golden Ball’ TUR-GB Dec-20



How to order:

  • send an email to Lynne
  • be sure to include your name, contact phone or email (whichever is preferred), and a list of the seeds you want plus the “best before date” if there is more than one option for that variety. Don’t forget the number of packets; otherwise we’ll assume one

Seed Savers orders



  • you can order your seed by name or by code (code is faster)
    • Example:
      John Smythe 0404 040 040
      BEE-CHI Feb-20 – 1
      CAL-YEL Feb-21 – 2
      LET-CV undated presentation pack – 1

After you send your order:

  • we will contact you to tell you the order is packed, what the cost is, and to let you know if there are any issues or ask you any questions (if needed).
  • you pick up and pay for your order at the following meeting of PSW (first Monday of the month); pre-ordered seed may not be collected at SeedSavers as we have no facility handle money there! Sorry.


  • contact SeedSavers

Seed Savers orders



  • or talk to them at the next meeting of PSW


120+ varieties of seeds; many with different price points



  • “best before” date after January 20 – 50c per packet
  • ‘best before” date Nov 2019, Dec 2019 or Jan 2020 – 30c per packet
  • “best before” date from Feb 2019 until and including Nov 2019 – 20c per packet
  • “best before” date prior to Feb 2019 – free
  • presentation packs (pp) – $1
  • “unknown” varities – free with a provision: we’d like you to grow them on for us so we can work out what they are! You become one of our ‘test’ growers!