Water saving article by member -Theresa

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As we head into the warmer months, and with the price of water having recently increased, it’s a timely reminder to remember to conserve water where we can.

  • Three of my personal favourites include:Try collecting the cold water that comes out of the shower prior to the warm water’s arrival. This water can be used for anything, from watering the garden, or if collected in a clean container, for your next cuppa. And remember, showering with a friend helps conserve water too.
  • Re-use the water that you cook with. If you boil eggs or boil/steam veggies, then recycle this water back into the garden. Better still drink it, most of the water soluble nutrients end up in the cooking water.
  • If you like to take a bath as I do, try it Japanese style and have a communal bath with your partner. It both saves water and is a very convivial experience. This bath water can then be used to water the garden.