Welcome to Permaculture Sydney West lnc.

We are the Permaculture group for the Greater Western Sydney region. We support people to apply the ethics and principles of Permaculture to urban homes, schools and community gardens.  Our goal is to help people be more resilient and sustainable in their daily lives in regards to energy, water, waste, food and community.

We offer monthly information evenings, garden blitzes, seed saving, sustainable living workshops, community garden support, food security, urban food growing, water and waste management and sustainable energy techniques.  We also offer in depth training in how to apply the ethics and principles through our Urban Permaculture Course and authorised, Permaculture Design Certificate. (PDC)

We meet on the first Monday of every month except January at the Wentworthville Community Centre, 2 Lane Street, Wentworthville. 

This way you get to experience what we are about. If you like what you see, you may wish to join as a member.

The Dos and DON’Ts of having a PSW garden blitz


  1. To have a blitz at your place

foot-in-mouth You must have volunteered at least 3 PSW events within the last 2 years

foot-in-mouth You can only book a blitz every 12 months and within the following 12 months only if no other members wish to have a blitz

2. Our focus is on the garden. Home repairs/alterations will not be carried out unless they are minor alterations directly related to sustainability practices (such as shading).

 3. All tasks will be assessed individually with consideration given to constraints such as:

o   Time

o   Possible property damage

o   Skill, capability and safety of all   persons

o   Consideration to neighbours

o   Alignment with PSW ethics and principles

o   Compliance with relevant federal, state and municipal regulations.

Remember that no garden is too small!

Balcony gardens welcome!