Hello everyone,

What a busy month this was for PSW and more to come!

* This coming Monday, come along to our monthly meeting.

The topic is Soils: How to build them and keep them healthy.

This is also a Round Robin event.

See mini presentations on soil additives, Bokashi composting, hot compost building, and compost aerating (compost tea!)

* We are also running a Living Skills workshop for the Needle Impaired!
This is not just for the girls! Here to see more details

* Our Seed Saver ladies will have a lot on offer at the meeting but also need your help. It’s time to make/recycle more labels and packets, so….

Could members please bring
     a) empty, clean milk bottles
     b) any old magazines.making labels and seed packets from these. 

* Finally, our next GOOF series (Intro to Permaculture, Soils, plants, Seeds, Year Round Foo) is starting soon.
Saturday September 8th.
Check EventBrite for details and how to register