Zone 0: your home

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© Nevin Sweeney (used with permission)

Some people think “garden” when they hear the word “permaculture” but, as with many things, the home is where it all happens!

Home is where we live, where our values show, where we practise what we truly believe. As “permies”, home is where we have the chance to do our bit for the planet, to practise both reducing our consumption and more effective recycling.


This page is intended to be a repository of ideas, inspiration, hints and tips as we move forward in our journey towards resilience and more sustainable living. Please feel free to contribute; email any additions to this page and we’ll add it as appropriate. Also, feel free to share your thoughts on how to make this page work better.

Hint: If you’re looking for ways to be more sustainable in a particular area of your home and don’t want to wade through an ever-growing list, simply type “Control + F”, then type in the area (eg Kitchen) you want to research, and press ‘Enter”. All instances of that word on this page will be shown.





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Web sites with helpful information about safe food handling and storage (from Narelle Fletcher):