Our Library

PSW Steve Carter Library

PSW Library Rules

  •  Books may be borrowed by PSW Members only. There is no charge
  • Books may be borrowed for a period of 1 month (i.e. from 1 meeting to the next).
  • Book borrowings may be extended for a 2nd month unless someone else has reserved that book.
  • Books MUST be returned at the end of the borrowing period or fees will apply.
Overdue period Fee
1 month (without extension) $2.00
2 months $5.00
3 months Replacement 
cost of the book
  •  If a book is lost, stolen or destroyed while in the care of the borrower, the borrower will a) replace the book at their cost or  b) pay PSW for replacing the book.
  • Books are the responsibility of the borrower and must not be passed on to a third party (even if the third party is a PSW member).
  • Anyone may reserve a book by requesting it via a link on our website Resources/Library tab.
  • When filling out the borrowing register ensure that your handwriting is legible
  • Anyone may donate books to the library.   ‘Off topic’ books may not be accepted.
  • A maximum of 3 books may be borrowed in any one month. (No restriction on magazines).
  • Books must be returned in similar condition as when they are borrowed.
  • No books are lent out at the December meeting. All books must be returned by the December meeting.