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We are the Permaculture group for the Greater Western Sydney region. We support people to apply the ethics and principles of Permaculture to urban homes, schools and community gardens.  Our goal is to help people be more resilient and sustainable in their daily lives in regards to energy, water, waste, food and community.

Seed Savers

Seed savers take you on a journey.

From when you first get your seeds, prepare your soil for optimum growth, watch them grow into mature plants, harvest, prepare for eating, or seed saving and storage for the next growing season, we are with you all the way

Living Skills

Living Skills program

We offer workshops to our members once a month.

They are small & informal gatherings with a focus on teaching or re-introducing some simple, repeatable skills to any member who wants to do-it-yourself, save money or learn something new.


Garden Blitz

We regularly stage garden blitzes at the home of a selected, qualified member, Whether it is a blank landscape or an established garden in need of refurbishing our volunteer group with their diverse skills achieve more in 4 hours than you can do in a month.


Monthly Meeting

Due to COVID-19, our monthly meetings are now hosted online.

Join us for special presenters, question and answers, and learn about Permaculture principles and values.

In Depth Workshops

These Workshops are offered as complete lessons on their own.  They extend the principles of the GOOF Series by providing more hands on practice and result in a finished product. They are handy for casual learners or GOOF graduates who want to add to their skills and knowledge.

G.O.O.F Series -Grow Our Own Food

Urban Permaculture in Practice

This course is a thorough introduction to the ethics and principles of Permaculture for urban settings: balconies, small and large backyards and community gardens. It enables participants to design, set up and run their own sustainable home/gardens based on organic and natural strategies.

PSW Steve Carter Library

PSW Library Rules

  •  Books may be borrowed by PSW Members only. There is no charge
  • Books may be borrowed for a period of 1 month (i.e. from 1 meeting to the next).
  • Book borrowings may be extended for a 2nd month unless someone else has reserved that book.
  • Books MUST be returned at the end of the borrowing period or fees will apply.

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Adding herbs to your coop management is a natural and fun way to boost your other efforts so you too can have a happy, healthy Chooktopia!

Healthy Chickens

Healthy Chickens

Still clean your coop regularly and have a full fly management protocol as well. Feed high-quality feed, and allow hens to free-range as well.  

Nesting Box Herb, Catnip Nepeta cataria

Nesting Box Herb, Catnip Nepeta cataria

If you’re expecting them to make up for a poorly managed coop, cure all your insect problems, or bring world peace, you’ll be sorely disappointed. You still need to be wise in how you take care of your birds and their living space

More on Chicken nesting box herbs

More on Chicken nesting box herbs

Try an experiment. You will notice your hens seem to prefer laying in the boxes with the herbs. If using dried herbs, mix them up in a small container first, then sprinkle a bit in each box on top of the bedding.

Herbs – Uses in Chicken Nesting Boxes

Herbs – Uses in Chicken Nesting Boxes

Simply pick a handful of your available herbs and put several sprigs in each box. It doesn’t matter whether you use one variety or a mix equal parts of each variety. Usually by the time you’re ready to clean out your boxes, the herbs are ready to be...